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 Are you willing to see “Genuine Wondering” as a Super Power?

Wondercraft asks the questions that stretch your nervous system and empower new creative possibilities.  It’s said that nearly 95% of our thoughts and questions are recycled from past events/thoughts/stories.  A truly original thought and question are valuable treasures that can open the doors to new realities.
In mastering wonder, you craft questions that fuel evolution….questions that are are so exciting that you would devote your entire life to exploring.  YES…these are big questions, and rather than having a direct and ‘right’ answer, they inspire and attract experiences that ‘respond’ to what’s being asked.
Albert Einstein was a wonder-master.  Even with his stunning intellect, he made imagination a priority.  Wonder goes beyond rational thought..it’s a whole-body experience.  Wondering is NOT about spacing out.  It IS about allowing yourself to tune into what you really want, and inviting the creative power of Universe to partner with you for awe-inspiring results.

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This class is for you if you’re ready and willing to:
  • Learn how to shift from taking a position to opening to discovery
  • Craft really good questions that cultivate BIG possibilities
  • Play with how to make the leap from limitation to creative power
  • Feel the magic that is seeded in genuine wondering
This class is 4 weeks long (4 modules)

audrey-favicon Weekly 1 hour calls to explore, practice and grow your wonder skills (all calls will be recorded)                                                                                                                                          (Calls take place on: 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15 at 5 PM PST)

audrey-favicon Weekly resources sent out to support your discovery process
audrey-favicon Weekly explorations that invite you to practice your unique expression of wonder

 Starting April 24th!
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Audrey Hazekamp,.
Cert. Master Coach, Game Changer

“Signing up for Audrey’s WonderCraft course is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m not sure how she does what she does, but literally after our first call, I have a skill that helped me shift from being totally stuck — and by ‘stuck’, I mean eating peanut butter and hummus at the same time, crying alone in a house piled high with boxes that I just moved into across the country from all my friends and family, thinking I’ve made a huge mistake, and questioning whether I’m really cut out for my career, my relationship, or anything else for that matter — to curious and excited about life again, in less than 30 seconds flat. Learning how to wonder may sound airy fairy, but Audrey’s version is no joke.”
~K Rouze, Copywriter