Integrative Endorsements

“Audrey Hazekamp has a fierce commitment, dedication and passion to living her fullest expression while being of service in the transformation of others to live into their fullest expression. Audrey has done her work! From this place, she is showing me the most fun and easy path for myself, and she does it with a grace, tenderness and compassion that I find delightful and inviting. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with her in becoming the best, most alive and thriving me I can be.”
~J. Day, Founder, DreamTime, Inc. and President, Magical Matches, Santa Cruz, CA

“Audrey has a gift in knowing intuitively what I my body is experiencing and how to lovingly shift to what I most want and desire. With Audrey’s help I am able to identify patterns and believes that I had carried unconsciously for years, some of which were passed on to me for generations, and no longer supporting my well-being. I find Audrey’s guidance to be loving, supportive, and nurturing. Audrey encourages me to take healthy responsibility for what I am creating and provides me with support in how to move in the direction that I most want, while appreciating events and experiences in my life. I am extremely grateful to Audrey for guiding me how to create a better and healthier life for myself.”
~E. Lacey, Business Woman, Massachusetts

“I remember going for a walk with Audrey before we began coaching for the first time, her presence was warm and welcoming. I also remember having a few secrets about an eating disorder I was wrestling with, and on that walk I knew that she would be one of a few people to whom I told those secrets, in order to receive maximum support in untangling the drama of addiction. Since then not only have I over come active addiction around food issues, I have also fallen in love with myself on a completely new level than I ever felt possible. Audrey’s laser like focus, conscious listening and request for time sensitive action post shift has really revolutionized my day to day life. Sharing space with Audrey is warm and comforting while also being honest and pointed about growth potential in favor of my own expansions. I love Audrey and would refer her as coach to anyone wanting to seek a more elevated life and expansion to their own amazement!”
~L. Rainwater, Consultant and Coach, Denver, CO

“From my first conversation with Audrey, I felt like I was home. Her loving, nurturing style and voice opened my heart in a way that allowed me to feel safe and bring up long held emotions that needed to breath. Audrey assisted me to move physical pain and emotional blocks from my mind and body and allowed my spirit the freedom it was longing for. Audrey ‘s body intelligence skills , invited me to open into a new world, let go of old wounds and outdated beliefs, and to move into the next part of my life and another wonderful transformation of myself. I am truly excited to see how I can create a future of deeper love and growth for myself.”
~Jolene Shields, Salt Lake City, Utah

“My experiences with Audrey Hazekamp have been life changing. I cherish my relationship with Audrey and that’s because very few have had more of impact in my life than she. On September 5th, 2014, my fiancé, Lindsey and I, invited Audrey into the dynamic of our co-creating existence, as both our Relationship Coach AND our Wedding Officiant. For the last 8 months, Audrey has been on this magical journey with us, while facilitating deep exploration into the intimate unknown. Audrey’s wisdom and ever deepening knowledge of Hendrick’s Institute and body centered tools allow her to facilitate revolutionary change in a fun, loving and impeccably delicious container. Working, playing and growing with Audrey has been an experience of a life-time and for that, I am eternally grateful.”
~J. Hillstrand, Chief Empowerment Officer, Denver, CO

“Audrey is amazingly gifted.  Her  intuition, energetic sensing, and passion for wholeness is exquisitely balanced with her wisdom, curiosity, and loving presence.   With laser accuracy, Audrey supports a profound releasing and lightening expansion of living and loving… Audrey’s support and coaching has been infinitely transformative in my life.”
~Dr Dee Cooper, Reverend—Boulder CO

“After exploring with Audrey, I feel deeply connected to myself in a way that is luscious, pure and powerful!, aligning and expressing my potential more fully every day. Audrey’s sessions are fun, playful, incredibly powerful!  Thank you Audrey for your deep insights, immense love, expanded presence, and for being a friend. I love and value you so totally!”
~Marinna Siri, Intuitive/Coach/Facilitator—Salt Lake City UT

“With Audrey’s guidance, loving bravery, brilliance, and full body presence and engagement, I easefully gained clarity for who I am and what I want, and landed powerfully in a grounded, fluid self with not a trace of left overs from what a shrink might call PTSD. You are a master GAME CHANGER!!! I Love and appreciate you in this world! May you be Knighted in your lifetime. “
~Kim Exon, Business Owner–Hawaii

“Audrey is like the docking station for ohms, umms and ahhhhs.  She provides wise guidance, leading me to find and discover things about myself I did not know were there.  Coaching with Audrey, I have discovered the 
richness of myself.  She is a giant highlighter to the sentence of my life.”
~C. Sherman, Master Feldenkrais Bodyworker –Strong City KS

“Audrey is a catalyst and collaborator for easy, loving, quantum transformation. She weaves healing magic while supporting all aspects of my being as I evolve into the woman I am becoming…I highly recommend time spent in her presence if you are interested in awesome positive shifts in your life.”
~Lynn Cornelius, Artist and Creativity Coach; Professor of Art, Univ. Northern CO–Greeley CO

“With Audrey, I discovered that all attention can be enlivening.  I cultivated real caring for myself and now face old habits with ease and kindness.”
~Nicole Linehan, Transformational Coach/Writer–Philadelpia

“Audrey has a delight-filled way of inviting experience and insight through her presence, her curiosity and her acceptance of what is.  I have grown and deepened in my own sense of myself, the world around me and the joyful experience of life, through opening myself to her wonderings and her loving attention.”
~Jane Warren, Business Owner–Calgary, Canada

“Audrey inspires and invites her clients to live into their own wholeness by seeing, speaking and energetically guiding truth and possibility with her powerfully loving presence.”
~Elizabeth Hunter, Executive Coach/ Consultant–San Francisco, CA

“Audrey is a consciousness athlete. Her commitment to every level of integrity and
 balance (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) is one of the highest of anyone I
 know. She stands for possibility, and the powerful engagement of integrity, AND…she
 makes it look fun!”
~Diana Chapman, Advisor to Exceptional Leaders–California

“WOW, CRAZY AWESOME!  Audrey facilitates and supports really big life changes while making it so much fun!”
~Danielle Bordenave, Physical Therapist/Coach–Chicago

“Audrey is a natural born coach and a member of my personal ‘Board of Directors’. She gets to the heart of the matter and stating what seems to be ‘the obvious’  in a just a few 
minutes, with just the right words. I experience Audrey as a sensitive, buoyant and genuine person who champions my full expression and joy for life.
~Cliff Haggerty, Master of Creative Solutions–California

“Audrey has a remarkable gift for creating and holding the space for transformation to
 occur. I have witnessed many healers and teachers. In her coaching, Body-wise, and 
Radiance healing, she lovingly guides you toward new ways of seeing the world and 
~Nathaniel Klemp, Ph.D., Business Owner–Boulder CO

“When I work with Audrey, I feel met in a way that is deeply satisfying. She has an
 extraordinary capacity for tuning into where I am and then providing the right “touch” -
verbal or hands on – which guides me to discovery.”
~Julia Munson, Therapist–Colorado

“Audrey generates movement with a tenacity towards truth, Love, and all the pleasure
 and beauty Life has to offer!”
~Nancy Ann Stubbs, Certified Coach/HR Consultant–Colorado

“Audrey lights the way to live in joyful expansion. Working with Audrey has opened me
 to stop pushing myself from behind and start following my impulses from within.”
~Skip Swanson, Transformational Coach/Teacher—Tokyo, Japan

“Audrey gets the connection between strength and letting go, and uses decades of 
experience to create fundamental changes and meaningful moments of expansion. Her 
work opens me up and lines me up!”
~Cheri Scripter, Educational Admin–California

“The most brilliant big transition coach I know.  Audrey’s
 genius is knowing how to assist someone who is committed on their journey to “make
 where you are holy/wholly” and to walk that path with deeper grace, beautiful posture, 
and greater ease.”
~Kira J. Gold, Designer and Maker–California

“Audrey demonstrates a level of integrity and mastery that is hard to find. She knows 
how to go straight to the matter through her keen intuitive sense, compassionate
 intelligence and incredible body-centered awareness. Her playful approach 
makes transformational growth rapid, easy, fun and most importantly, sustainable.  She is the real deal.”
~Susannah Kirksey, President, Kirksey Consulting–Texas

“Audrey has amazing energy and clarity and her gifts far exceed what I’m capable of
 expressing! She is the manifest form of loving kindness!”
~Bob Tomes, Business Owner–Alberta Calgary, Canada

“I experience Audrey’s presence and attention as a palpable, deliciously undeniable invitation to know myself as whole.  Her mastery makes working with her an adventure. The changes are dramatic and 
subtle, like building blocks that lead to greater changes over time. I come away feeling connected, resourceful, whole and ready. When I think of all humans 
can be, that full potential way of walking in the world and being with each other, I think of
~Anna Downing, Master Gardener/Coach/Intuitive–Colorado

“Audrey is an extraordinary coach and really good at quickly and effectively getting to the
 heart of an issue, and helping give direction on the next step.”
~Jeff Brainard, Product Line Director–California

“Audrey brings ease, joy and strong focus to all of our interactions and her mastery is in
 combining that with deep intuition and vast knowledge.”
~Jody Kaylor, Integrity Coach–Corte Madera, CA

“Audrey asks the BEST questions.  Her coaching supported me to deepen and affirm my connection with mySelf.  VERY nourishing!”
~Mari Heart, Conscious Living & Loving Coach–Boulder, CO

“Audrey demonstrates a level of integrity and mastery that is hard to find. She knows 
how to go straight to the matter.  With her accepting, playful approach, Audrey invites the universe to reveal to me what I most want and need to discover and learn in every moment.”
~Liz Aquirre–Washington D.C.

“With her potent, direct presence, Audrey instinctively senses where you need and want
 to go. I believe transformation occurs in pure attention and presence. Audrey exudes 
more presence in her little toe than most people experience in a lifetime.”
~Megan Sillito, Certified Conscious Living Coach–Utah

“I appreciate Audrey’s direct quality of presence and organic body wisdom. During our 
coaching sessions, I fully trust her feedback. Audrey moves through herself before she
 delivers wisdom nuggets and her communication invites expansion.”
~Lynda Aldorisio, Certified Coach/Master Astrologer–Massachusetts

“I see Audrey as infusing pure love to me/us/the oneness of our species.”
~Julianna Christie–Utah

“Audrey inspires me in her willingness to be service and support in this world. Audrey’s 
generosity of heart and spirit is amazing!”
~Luna Paige Smith, Professional Chef/Food Artist–California

“Audrey is a deeply committed and highly-intuitive facilitator. She poses challenging
 questions and scenarios and her spirited style ignites lively conversation, emphasizing 
your input. I recommend Audrey to anyone who seeks soulful and pragmatic life learning 
~Christine Bozung–Washington