Integrative Coaching

Audrey is a natural born coach. She gets to the heart of the matter in a just a few
 minutes, with just the right words and quality of attention to collaborate for real change.”
~Cliff Haggerty, Cert. Conscious Living Coach, California

One-on-One Guidance

How would your days and nights feel different if you were totally, radically, authentically yourself — all the time? If your inner and outer worlds were in complete alignment?

And what if these shifts could be friendly, energizing and enlivening?

Every time you come to a major cross-roads in your life – professional shifts, endings of relationships, beginnings of relationships, health challenges or even mid-life crises – you gain access to big energy.

You can either use that energy to make big messes or use it to fuel a new way of being.

If you’re ready to align with your full potential rather than lean back into your familiar patterns – I’m your gal.

“During a particularly dark time in my life, I called upon Audrey for assistance. During every call I feel renewed and strengthened by Audrey’s contagious optimism and by her skills that are grounded in reality. I love this woman!!!”
~Tom Callanan, Philanthropic Advisor

I masterfully guide people through big transitions that command our full, sacred presence.

I teach people how to care for all dimensions of themselves – body, mind and spirit – so they can do what they really want to do.

Working with me is a collaborative exploration. A discovery process. You’ll get to sense how totally lovable you are. Even the parts you may think are unloveable now. This felt sense of love and caring infuses your every cell. It becomes a cascade of magical transformation throughout every aspect of your life.

My methods are supported through scientific and magical realms alike. They impact your inner experience and real-world results. They touch every level of your being.

Consider me your energetic midwife. Your intuitive guide. A relentlessly caring mirror, reflecting your big, bold, astonishingly beautiful self.

I offer private coaching (over Skype and in-person) and personalized retreats for those who want to deep dive into transformative waters.

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Group learning is both an intimately personal endeavor and a collaborative, community experience.

When you make a commitment to learn in community, everything that happens is of service to everyone in the room.
Individual growth supports the group.
And the group, in turn, supports each individual.

Collective explorations, discoveries and sharing provides a space for learning through ‘osmosis’ and wisdom, rather than the requirement to learn only through your own experience. Group learning accelerates the discovery process, AND amplifies the fun.

My approach is “Bottom-up” and “Inside out”: learning through our innate body-wisdom, including the mind, yet not governed by it.

All of my courses are whole-body, full-participation experiences.

If you’re interested in amplifying your transformational process, Group Explorations are your playground.

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