Body Wise

Not only do I feel fluid, strong and lined up after a Bodywise session, I am also reminded, over and over, that my body is my ally in learning When contacted in the way that Audrey does, my body is readily willing to share all treasures of wisdom.”

Deep Transformation With Minimal Talk?

Somatic experts agree….change your posture, change your life. Unexpressed emotions, limiting beliefs, injuries, trauma and other experiences show up in our bodies, challenging our realization of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

When the body moves freely and naturally, it’s far easier to access flow states and peak performance — on all levels.

Our bodies are one of the most powerful portals we have to profound transformation. Bodywise sessions are facilitated through presence, curiosity and appreciation, and can be a direct line to positive, quick and graceful change.

I trained and collaborated with multiple healers for years, learning how to amplify my intuitive gifts, and apply my anatomical/physiological knowledge of the body and coaching expertise to my unique integrative approach for Optimal well-being.

Bodywise sessions allow us to enter a space of collaborative presence and wonder, and bring sensitive awareness to our embodied experience. I use my intuitive, coaching, and deep presencing skills to approach your body with acceptance, appreciation and curiosity, inviting a new flow of awareness and vitality.

In short, it achieves many of the same benefits as one-on-one coaching — with minimal verbal processing.

The word ‘healing’ has a lot of baggage?

Here’s what this means to me:

  • “Healing” is a recognition that I am, You are, already whole and complete
  • I see/feel your wholeness and body’s wisdom and together, we turn the volume up on YOUR felt sense of integrity and aliveness
  • This recognition, reminder and direct attention to your wholeness inspires you to feel, embrace and express it.
  • My role is fiercely, lovingly holding the picture of your essential, TALL POPPY self, stubbornly supporting the transformation and transmutation that reveals your unique expression of wholeness.

My bodywise style is intuitive, nurturing, and deeply restorative.

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