C. Evans

During and after my session with Audrey I felt an aliveness in my body which was my energy flowing all the way through. Thank you so much for your loving and caring presence.

Kira Jones Gold

Truly a ‘cosmic electrician’ Audrey has the presence and talent to assist getting your body back ‘on line’! I’ve had years of excellent body work and I would describe her skills as something akin to a blend of osteopathy, craniosacral, Feldenkrais and Reiki. Audrey’s mastery of her perceptual and healing abilities is a gift to […]

Abigail Ivins

Audrey is amazing. Each session with her ignites my vitality. Specifically, “Audrey empowered me to expand my lung capacity, correct my physical alignment that was off due to a broken leg in my childhood, and rid myself of neck pain. She has taught me to use my energy to my benefit to fuel my creativity […]

Leslie Chertok

Highly recommending sessions with Audrey. Her cellular to cellular transmission taps into deepest body wisdom for maximum awakening. My session yesterday left me feeing vitally alive!

Kate Rouze

Audrey helped me find my legs – when I didn’t even know they were missing! After an hour of her magical touch, I had a completely different experience of what it felt like to inhabit my body. And that feeling has not left me, after several months I still enjoy feeling more connected and grounded. […]

Riun Ashlie

Whoah! The most energetically charged healing experience I’ve ever had. She is amazing – intuitive – and a very gifted energetic seer and senser. Thanks Audrey.

Debbie DeVoe

I loved my first session with Audrey! I came in with a hurt knee and left walking two inches taller and without pain. It was wonderful to have Audrey’s touch open my body to new ways of moving and my spirit to champagne bubbles (which we celebrated with after!) Wish I were closer for another […]

Lynn Cornelius

Audrey simply knows where and how to touch my body in a way that is both completely gentle and completely transformative. It feels like she is having a conversation beyond words and ideas with the very core of me, and what comes out of that is an opening and allowing of my body to shift […]

Nancy Stubbs

I experience your verbal & non-verbal touch as originating from the deep, common well we all share, and your particular form of emanation is exquisite in its knowing and placement of exactly where my body and Being is calling out for attention. YUM.

Carey Dodson

I am always amazed at how such gentle touch creates such magnificent aliveness. I highly recommend taking advantage of Audrey’s magic hands!