Guiding Principles For Thriving Beyond The Box

Audrey is a rockstar coach! She exudes an all the way commitment for living. She combines her highly intuitive and powerfully aligned nature with a lifetime of training to create and make real a life of alive purpose and integrity.”

Principles For Co-Creation

Living INTEGRITY: The Guiding Principle Of My Work:

I use an integrative approach to the expanding and fine-tuning of living fully, including the relationships with yourself, others, your environment (personal and professional) and change itself. Given that everyone learns in their own unique way, I choose to attune to what works for you, and design our collaboration for maximal positive impact, ease and outcome.

These principles below are my foundation for our co-creating.

1. “You cannot solve a problem in the same state of consciousness which created the problem” (A. Einstein).  My coaching includes laser feedback and full body experiential activities designed to invite new possibilities, and states of consciousness. Our work together assists you into direct experiences of your integrated self, and living life from this as your foundation.

2. I have chosen a whole-body, whole-mind approach to life change.  My coaching is designed to produce sustainable shifts felt in your body and which honor your mind without being limited by it.

3. The practices I employ have been tested in the real world, which is, of course, where we all live. I only advocate practices that I have found transformative in my own life and with many clients.

4.  I practice resolute honesty in relationships that matter to me, and this includes with my chosen clients.   In relationships that you choose to grow and deepen, be impeccably honest with your experience and expression of feelings (and your intentions) both with yourself and with whom you are relating.

5. Conscious Committing (the act of gathering your energy and moving in a chosen direction) is required if you choose to live in harmony on all levels. Pretty much all issues/problems stem from being at odds with our actual (and sometimes unconscious) commitments. Living into conscious commitments ignites a felt sense of alignment and attunement with our creative power.

6. True freedom and fulfillment come from taking 100% responsibility. When people are courageous and take 100% responsibility, awesome new energy becomes available for creative activities.

7. My work focuses on appreciation as one of your commitment priorities. When you open to the masterful practice of giving and receiving sincere appreciation (self, ‘others’ and all experiences), your joy thermostat (capacity to channel positive life energy) rises and you are catapulted into new possibilities of aliveness. Generous appreciation maximizes good times.

8. Creativity is life force in action. Using your creativity to express feelings is a great way to align yourself with the moment, enhance and harmonize your life on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Created in collaboration with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.Ds.