Group Experiences

Full Participation Transformation

Group learning is both an intimately personal endeavor and a collaborative, community experience.

When we make a commitment to learn in community, allowing everything that occurs to be of service, everyone’s individual growth supports the group, and the group, in turn, supports each individual.

All of my courses are whole-body, fully participatory experiences. My approach is “Bottom-up”: learning through our innate body-wisdom, including the mind, yet not governed by it. I know that every great question is answered through experience, and every great experience supports rich awareness and insights.

Whole-bodied, whole-brained activities are also fun! You truly can expand, grow, deepen, and transform while having a great time.

Previous + Upcoming Workshop Topics:

Integrative Evolution
This course combines discovering and integrating your natural physicality,  awareness, essential energy reservoirs and creativity as allies into awesome vitality and aliveness. Open each avenue to your wholeness and cultivate the friendly alliance between all of them.

Genius Explorations In Self Discovery

Join in for a full day of fun, fast, easy explorations of wholeness, turning the volume up on your authentic aliveness.

Getting Here!
This lifeshop invites friendly, deep learning while falling in love with life and re-wiring your system to live in ease, clarity and whole-hearted wisdom.

Radiance Retreats: A Second Chance…A New Beginning
These retreats provide 2-3 day focused explorations intended to clear up pre- and peri-natal limiting imprint patterns. What remains is a fresh feeling of being fully loved, wanted and supported…a whole body experience of belonging “here.” 

Contact me to request a workshop for your group.

Discover yourself in new fresh ways, unwind stubborn issues
– and have fun!