Bodywise Reflections

“There is an extraordinary intuitive nature to Audrey’s work. Her scientific, physiologic knowledge of the body is clearly present, in perfect integration with her intuition. I even sent my parents to Audrey. Each session reminds me of how worthwhile it is to take the time to explore the flow of energy in your body, Audrey is a master of this.”
Dr. Eric Goodman
Santa Barbara, CA

“The first time I sat up after an hour of Audrey’s body work, I inhaled in what I can only describe as my “blowfish” moment; I’d never known that my lungs could expand that widely and my breath could travel that deeply. With Audrey’s help, I woke up to a whole new part of myself. I’m grateful for her many energetic talents.”
M. Sargent, Business Woman
New York Based

“Audrey expresses a truly exquisite listening and knowing through her presence and hands, fully able to register the body’s messages and alerts with immediate accuracy. She puts her hands on me – gently and firmly, on the exact spot that has been calling for loving touch and attention. Often without my having told her where it is. She literally unwinds tension, re-aligns muscle memory and re-connects links in the body/mind. I recommend her without hesitation.”
Gillian Ferrabee
Coach, Speaker and Director of the Creative Lab at Cirque Du Soleil Media
Quebec Canada

“I don’t know how to put into words to do Audrey’s magic justice. I feel loved and loving, energized and energizing, peaceful and expanding. With Audrey, I’ve experienced deep integration of physical and emotional for a felt sense of wholeness and vitality”
Elizabeth Hunter
Executive Coach
Mill Valley CA

“Working with Audrey is one of the things I most look forward to. I mostly operate with a high buzzing energy, and during my sessions with Audrey, my body settles into a deep relaxation and my soul is nourished. I love Audrey and find her to be a master.”
Brendan Murphy
Mill Valley, CA

“Audrey is a body whisperer in the most loving and powerful ways. Through subtle touch and a very visceral magical communication with my body, she guided my body to restore and heal itself!  I now relate very differently with myself and others.  I am full of respect, acceptance and gratitude for my body in a way I’ve never been…as an ally in my evolution.  Audrey always knows right where the healing is required.”
Safia Ohlson, writer
Santa Barbara, CA

“I feel fantastic. My spring is back into my step. I say Mahalo for a wonderful session. The time together allowed my body to relax into a deep rest and all the tension simply MELTED away … I look forward to more healing time together … your presence is a lovely reflection.”
T. Grace
Maui, HI

“I find Audrey’s body work to be finely tuned to my body and my needs! After our session I experienced increased ease, alignment and strength.  A week later, I still feel more balanced and energy flowing fully through.”
Marilou Butcher-Ross, Business Owner and Coach
Cinncinati, OH

“Audrey is a total genius! Her precise touch, deep presence and total commitment to transformation makes every session magical. Her sensitivity and total presence create an atmosphere of safety, love and acceptance, and I always feel a deep shift has taken place after a session with her. I could not recommend her work more highly!!!”
Amanda Stason, Integrative Health Coach
Mill Valley, CA

“Audrey speaks all levels of body wisdom language! She holds a space that supports me to instantaneously face, love, and release emotional, energetic and physical constraints.  She assists me in aligning my body to support and emanate the experience I want to create.   When I walk out, I feel present, clear, whole and aligned with my creative capabilities.”
Kalia LaRose, Certified Coach
Arcata, CA

“Body Wise is what Audrey is, my experience with her gift of body work is one of feeling totally touched by pure Presence , pure Wisdom. Ahhhhh is the sound of Audrey!”
Sarah Uma Kane, Joyful Living Coach
Santa Barbara, CA

“Audrey Hazekamp helped my daughter be born. She did hands-on work for me while I was pregnant and also while I was in labor. I cannot speak highly enough of Audrey’s gift in this space.”
Kaley Warner Klemp, Executive Coach and Author
Boulder, CO

“Audrey’s work is amazing. I am so grateful for her present, intuitive touch, her compassionate laughter, and her wisdom and brilliance. I hope many many people have the opportunity to receive Body-Wise sessions.”
Juna Mustad, Somatic and Intuitive Coach
Mill Valley, CA

“I am always amazed at how such gentle touch creates such magnificent aliveness. I highly recommend taking advantage of Audrey’s magic hands!”
Carey Dodson, Architect
Austin, TX

“I experience Audrey’s verbal & non-verbal touch as originating from the deep, common well we all share, and her particular form of emanation is exquisite in its knowing and placement of exactly where my body and Being is calling out for attention. YUM.”
Nancy Stubbs, Certified Conscious Living Coach
Nederland, CO

“Audrey simply knows where and how to touch my body in a way that is both completely gentle and completely transformative. It feels like she is having a conversation beyond words and ideas with the very core of me.  After a session I have a sense that I’ve given myself over to the co-creative power between us.  Our sessions are both effortless and powerful!”
Lynn Cornelius, Artist and Creativity Coach
Greeley, CO

“I loved exploring with Audrey! I came in with a hurt knee and left walking two inches taller and without pain. It was wonderful to have Audrey’s touch open my body to new ways of moving and my spirit to champagne bubbles (which we celebrated with after!) Wish I were closer for another session soon!”
Debbie DeVoe,
Berkeley, CA

“Whoah! The most energetically charged healing experience I’ve ever had. She is amazing – intuitive – and a very gifted energetic seer and senser. Thanks Audrey.”
Riun Ashlie, Certified Coach
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Audrey helped me find my legs – when I didn’t even know they were missing! After an hour of her magical touch, I had a completely different experience of what it felt like to inhabit my body.  After several months I still enjoy feeling more connected and grounded.  THANK YOU!”
Kate Rouze, 
Longbeach, CA

“Highly recommending sessions with Audrey. Her cellular to cellular transmission taps into deepest body wisdom for maximum awakening. I left my session feeling vitally alive!”
Leslie Chertok, Therapist and Coach

“Audrey is amazing. Together, I  expanded my lung capacity, corrected my physical alignment and dissolved my neck pain. She has taught me to use my energy  to fuel my creativity and aliveness. What most impresses me about Audrey is her ability to find the most interesting spark in people – from there she shows them how to light the fire.”
Abigail Ivins, Business Owner and Coach
Mill Valley, CA

“Truly a ‘cosmic electrician’ Audrey has the presence and talent to assist getting your body back ‘on line’! I’ve had years of excellent body work and I would describe her skills as something akin to a blend of osteopathy, craniosacral, Feldenkrais and Reiki. Audrey’s mastery of her perceptual and healing abilities is a gift to everyone who takes the opportunity with her!”
Kira Jones Gold, Business Owner-Best Dressed Monk
Santa Barbara, CA

“During and after my session with Audrey I felt an aliveness in my body which was my energy flowing all the way through. Thank you so much for your loving and caring presence.”
C. Evans
Sebastopol, CA