JOIN ME IN thriving, beyond the box of conventional limitations,  and into the space of creative possibility

Are You Willing To …

Embrace thriving, integrity and  outrageous well-being as your first priorities?
Champion presence, vitality and genuine connection in every aspect of your life?
Free up the energy held in your obstacles and use it as fuel for your evolution?
Participate with life’s challenges as thriving opportunities?
Expand, align, fine tune and harmonize your inner and outer worlds?


In the past, a TALL POPPY was a person of genuine merit who was cut down, or limited themselves, in order to ‘fit in’. TODAY, I facilitate and celebrate those willing to expand into their full TALL POPPY-ness, and inspire those around them to do the same…a win-win-win, personally-locally and globally.

From Good Enough to ‘How Good Can It Get’?

Evolutionary Fitness is personal, and is driven by your choices for how you invest your attention. Evolutionary Fitness is about YOU choosing and thriving…expanding your capacities to participate and enjoy the activities that cultivate your greatest joy and fulfillment. Growing into and fulfilling the wholeness of who you are, does not need to be serious, stressful business. All of you is invited.

I offer Integrative BIG GAME coaching
for those willing to grow into a new thriving paradigm.

I masterfully coach executives and big players highly motivated to thrive, and willing to lose their fascination with limitations in favor of living into a whole new game of integrity, authenticity, appreciation and impactful actions.

I’m building a movement for evolutionary fitness, thriving integrity, and life shifting curiosity.  To me, this means asking big questions, claiming and fulfilling your whole self, and aligning with who you truly are … nothing extra and nothing missing.

My work inspires empowered awareness and supports the embodiment of your insights to create powerful, real and impactful actions. Integrative fitness, Curiosity, and Integrity blend as your creative forces, and generate the context necessary to catalyze what you really want, in service of your Tall Poppy Self and all others.

Let’s Explore Together

My clients go further than talking a good game. They seek out essential, efficient and impactful actions that move them into the life they really want. Their explorations and actions have an ‘inside out’ transformational effect. Through full engagement with our explorations, they cultivate new potentials and realities for how they interface and move through their personal and professional lives.

Discover how my Integrative Coaching Style supports a greater sense of wholeness and aliveness than you thought possible.

Whatever you can do,
or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, magic
and power in it…
~W.H. Murray paraphrasing Goethe