About Audrey

Audrey is a consciousness athlete. Her commitment to integrity and balance (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) is one of the highest of anyone I know. She stands for possibility, and the powerful engagement of integrity, AND…she makes it look fun!”
~Diana Chapman

I’m Audrey Hazekamp.  I am a genuine powerhouse, complete with fierce presence, curiosity, kindness and integrity. I facilitate openings and action into perspectives beyond familiar limitations, and welcome new possibilities with spacious intensity, and action-oriented curiosity — these are a few of my favorite things.

I ask big questions.  My success comes through seeing and reflecting the wholeness you already embody.  I love to blend the familiar and the unknown into new masterpieces of wholeness.  I’ll stay up ‘till the wee hours for an amazing conversation.  I’m more interested in big questions than logical answers, context than content, ultimate possibilities than assumed limitations.  I sense straight through to the heart of things — and hold this essence with fierce compassion and radical presence.

I stand for a revolution of magnificent thriving.

I stand for full-out integrity. For catalyzing a tipping point to living in, through, and as wholeness-in-action — personally, locally, globally, and galactically.

There are a few things I know for sure:

Suffering is totally optional.  Unfortunately, we seem to have an unconscious commitment to suffering built through the generations.  Fortunately, we can choose to liberate ourselves from it.

Wholeness is a verb, not a noun.  Change is the only constant.  The experience of wholeness has a rhythm, a pulse, an evolution to it.  It’s a dynamic, growing, breathing practice.  It’s not a destination:  it’s a way of being in the world.

Our bodies hold vast wisdom.  Awakenings include embodied, feet-on-the-ground, living, breathing shifts.  Our bodies WANT to experience wholeness, and are ready allies on the journey for that fulfillment.

I commit to befriending the power of the unknown.  That space of not-knowing, rich with possibilities, just beyond our comfort zone, the NEW creative playground of possibility.  I’ll meet you there.

Service demands integrity.  I walk my talk.  Any question I ask of my clients, I ask of myself, as well.  I’m an athlete and adventurer of consciousness: I dedicate myself  to embodying expanding consciousness and this practice has become my very self.

My experiences, story, and genius have all led me here.

  • I have survived and learned to thrive through some stormy times– and chose to be here, committed to full, passionate aliveness.
  • I’m certified as a Senior Trainer and Master coach through the Hendricks Institute, and have studied, taught, and played with Gay and Katie Hendricks for over 13 years.
  • I’m innately intuitive, on the physical, energetic, and emotional levels.  (But don’t worry: I only use my powers for good.)
  • I danced with anorexia and bulimia for years, and now celebrate a life beyond recovery.
  • I left behind my awesome traditional job, with all its security and benefits, to explore and collaborate in realizing whole-systems aliveness, and thriving, full-time.
  • I commit and recommit to untethering from drama – pledging my loyalty to integrity, evolutionary wealth-of-being and purposeful service as my first priorities.
  • I’ve navigated myriad wild adventures of consciousness — and lived to tell the tale.
  • I’ve created countless awakenings — accidental and intentional — and am masterful at holding space for yours.

I lead an amazing life, surrounded by great friends.  Someday soon, I’ll go globetrotting, publish a bestseller, and be a philanthropist for vast fortunes of love, money, and wisdom.

Want to Play with Me?

I work one-on-one with courageous individuals ready to take that seemingly risky leap from comfortable excellence to boundless, bold, brilliant genius.

I offer transformation with minimal talk in nurturing bodywork sessions.

I facilitate playful group workshops brimming with laughs and ah-has and practical magic.

Intrigued?  Contact me to schedule your free, 20-minute Resonance Interview!