Integrative Coaching

Audrey is a natural born coach. She gets to the heart of the matter in a just a few
 minutes, with just the right words and quality of attention to collaborate for real change.”
~Cliff Haggerty, Cert. Conscious Living Coach, California

One-on-One Guidance

What would it feel like to thrive?

How would your days and nights feel different if you were totally, radically, authentically yourself — all the time? If your inner and outer worlds were in complete, resonant alignment? If your first loyalty was to discovering and expressing your Essential Whole Self…YOUR TALL POPPY-NESS?

Now … What if this shift could actually be friendly, energizing and enlivening? What if you could discover and live into your passions and purpose while thriving?

I support people in shifting into a brand new context of thriving…growing vigorously beyond the box of familiar limitations. I masterfully guide clients through big life transitions that command your full, sacred presence. From “pretty darn good” to “holy cow, how fulfilled and ‘on purpose’ can I be?”

My clients are ready and willing …

  • To play a BIG GAME… preferring aliveness beyond adrenaline
  • To experience evolutionary fitness in all areas of life
  • To expand into a life of mastery, genuine joy, and service
  • To grow beyond limiting beliefs, patterns, and identities

My methods are supported through scientific and magical realms alike. They impact your inner experience and real-world applications. They touch every level of your being: whole-body, whole-mind, whole-systems.

Curiosity and Wonder are our Guides.

In private coaching, we’ll gracefully unhook from familiar and predictable patterns and liberate you into new realms of purpose and possibility.

Consider me your energetic midwife. Your intuitive guide. Your champion for wholeness, aliveness, and possibilities. A loving mirror, reflecting your big, bold, astonishingly beautiful self.

What It’s Like to Work With Me

I can be a fierce mama lion — and a gentle nurturer. I’m no stranger to tears, trauma, and angst — and add a dash of ‘light’ to your darkest doubts. I’ll hold firm to the picture of your radiant, limitless wholeness. I see beauty, not brokenness; possibility, not predictability.

Together, we’ll explore …

  • How to bring loving awareness to “what is,” claim your full creativity, and move into what’s possible.
  • The qualities that make up evolutionary fitness in all aspects of your life (personal and professional) — how they are and how you’d like them to be.
  • How your outer experience can reflect and support your unshakable wholeness.
  • The incredible integrated wisdom of your intellect, body wisdom, intuition and beyond — and how to listen to it clearly and openly.
  • How you can consciously, lovingly generate ease-ful change, using whole-body wisdom (including your head), energetics, wonder, curiosity, appreciation, and much more.

The courageous beings I’m privileged to support rave about my clarity and my fierce, insistent loving. They marvel at my capacity to laser right to the heart of an issue with my curious attention, easy intensity and humor. They report feeling expansive, newly themselves, recognizing their wholeness and ‘fit’ to conquer new explorations for what’s possible.

I absolutely love this collaborative exploration.

I love the discovery process. Weaving the known and the unknown together to alchemize new experiences and expressions of wholeness. I love when someone feels their wholeness and truly sees themselves — often for the first time. I love when people discover how lovable they are. I love when this love begins to infuse every aspect of them — even those they thought were unlovable — and cascade through their lives in ever-increasing waves of creativity and beauty.

Want to play?……. How about a Game Changing Personalized Retreat?